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... Assuming that you have entered Beeruga Village through T. Shettigere. (Read Left to Right from first column and move to next row) After T. Shettigere, You will get Beeruga Village. At ...
2. History and Origin of Coorg
...  While for some, it is believed to have been named after the River Cauvery (Kaveri), where 'kod' means 'give' and 'ava' means 'mother' - which means Cauvery is the 'mother to the people'. Few believe ...
3. Kodava Traditions
... and imparted justice after consultation with other elders. Girls and boys from one okka cannot marry within the same okka. However, cousin marriage between children of brother and sister is accepted (but ...
4. Kodava Festivals
Kailpodhu Kailpodhu is celebrated on the 3rd of September. That is, on the 18th day after the sun enters the Simha (Leo) Raasi. Kail means weapon or armory, and Pold means festival. The day signifies ...
5. Nalknad Aramane (Palace) - Kakkabe town
(Information/Tourist Spots)
After escaping from Tippu sultan's troops Doddavirarajendra, a Haleri ruler built this palace at Yavakapadi in Nalknad area. This simple palace is famous for its paintings and carvings. Doddaverarajendra ...
6. Chiklihole Reservoir - Nanjarayapattana
(Information/Tourist Spots)
... enough time after visiting Dubare forest. It is advisable to enjoy your evening in Dubare forest and rush back here for the sunset. Be careful near the water. Location: Near Nanjarayapattana  ...
7. Trekking and Rappelling
... after descending the Brahmagiri mountain, meets with the Sujoythi and the Kanike rivers. Built in the multi-roof Kerala style it is a charming place of worship. Visitors can trek to the top of Tadeyendamol, ...

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