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Special Gifts to Buy from Pachibale

Things to buy : Coffee Powder, Coffee bean, Home Made Wine, Honey, Cardamom, Coorg Jewellery, Orange, Kerala Banana, Jack Fruit and other seasonal fruits.

Whether Arabica or Robusta, Every Joe needs his Java cuppa!

For the uninitiated, Java, apart from being a computer programming language is also slang for coffee. Arabica and Robusta are the two major varieties of Coffee grown in India, the state of Karnataka being its largest producer. Within the state, most of the coffee comes from Coorg.

Coorg is, without an ounce of doubt, primarily coffee territory. However, a variety of inter-crops cohabit these hilly caffeinated estates. Common ones include orange, cardamom, pepper, and sometimes, even vanilla. A surprising fact, however, is that Cafe Coffee Day, the countrys largest coffee chain, sources most of its coffee from Chikmagalur, Karnataka, where it is headquartered. Coming back to the point, Coorg is home to the finest variety of coffee.


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