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Decide your ideal month or ideal season to visit Coorg!

Coorg is beautiful no matter what time of the year or season you visit. The best time to visit / travel Coorg is the time that suits you best. However, the heavy monsoon period from July to September keeps many visitors at bay, although it is least expensive, often referred as off-season or off-peak season in Coorg. If you have more than one date in mind, the following information may be of use to you.

Summer Season: March, April and May

Temperature: 25 %C to 35 %C

This is the best time to visit Coorg as you can enjoy the out-door activities. For those who have a weakness for the more sedentary pleasures, summer is the time to pack your bags.

Coorg's summer months are March to May, bringing high temperatures and sunshine. Days are long and sunny; nights are mild. Summer is an excellent time for walking in the bush and a variety of other outdoor activities.

It is also an Ideal time for trekking, hiking, boating and a host of other activities. Coorg or Kodagu experiences relatively little air pollution compared to many other tourist destinations.

However, the sad news might be that all the waterfalls in Coorg will be more or less dried up during summer! Coorg waterfalls are dependent on monsoon. Waterfalls in Coorg flow in its fullest during the rainy season and it is worth a visit until early January.

Summer in Coorg is the peak-season for tourism as it also coincides with the annual vacation for school children in India.

Rainy/Monsoon Season: June, July, August, September, October and November

Temperature: 21 %C to 24 %C

Monsoon in Coorg is the most romantic season of all, especially for the newly weds. Most couples choose Coorg for their honeymoon and more often during the monsoon season. The Weather is normally very cold that induces couples to cuddle-up almost all the time! A mild walk in the rain through the sleepy city sharing just one umbrella is an unique experience. There is an added charm in enjoying the mist and fog all around. The mountains and fields cover themselves with a verdant green carpet ready to welcome you to the land of eternal beauty while thunderstorm rolling in from all most anywhere.

In July, August and September rainfall is intense. Yearly rainfall may exceed 4,000 millimetres (160 in). The average rainfall is 2794 millimetre or 110 inches in the district.

This is an ideal time to see the cascading waterfalls flowing in their fullest that hits the rocks/stream below with a roar. Be extremely caution of slippery edges/rocks/steps.

We advice our monsoon travellers not to venture trekking or try any extreme nature adventure as leaches and snakes too enjoy their monsoon vacation! Importantly, watch your step ;) If you wish to play in the rain, dry up yourself ASAP, as chances are high that you catch common cold and ruin your vacation.

Winter Season: December, January and February

Temperature: 7 %C to 20 %C

Coorg's winter months of December to February bring colder weather to much of this romantic hill station. Winter can be wild yet exhilarating and enjoyable. Winter lends its own cast to the Coorg landscape. Temperature gets more colder in the evening and early morning.

In the winter the mountains take on a completely different appearance. A clear bright day in winter can inspire and refresh even the most jaded heart. The rivers are turbulent and dark grey, and the light is misty.

This is an excellent time to visit mountains and other areas of scenic/landscape beauty. If you are an amateur photographer then early morning mist covered mountains are your best bet. Late in the evening, people with young-heart can also have fun by lighting campfire or bonfire.


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