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Welcome to Pachibale Homestay - best places to stay in coorg

Home stays in Coorg usually involve either sharing a home with the resident family or perhaps a stay in an independent home in one of the coffee plantations or in the quite towns. Home stays in Coorg are becoming increasingly popular and will vary in terms of standard of accommodation and facilities, which will naturally place a bearing on the cost.Coo

rg (also known as Kodagu) is a place said to haunt you forever with its timeless beauty. It is popularly dubbed as Southern Kashmir and Scotland of India. The name "Kodagu" is derived from the local name Kodavu and the people of Kodagu, who are known as Kodavas. However, there are many stories explaining the origin of the name. According to the Puranas for instance, the land of initial settlement was called Krodadesha which later became Kodagu.

PACHI BALE is one of such Home Stays located 20 kms away from Ponnampet of South Coorg towards Srimangala / Wayanad Road. It is nestled in a Dense Forest area, away from the crowd and in the middle of greenery, with trees swaying, birds chirping and the soothing tranquility touching your heart.

The hosts, Mrs. Ajjamada Deza Thimmaiah and Mr. Ajjamada Thimmaiah (Chimma), are very warm and cordial people with interests in hospitality and nature. As they have vast knowledge of the local area and India in general, the hosts are very happy to act as guides and take their guests to local attractions. People staying at PACHIBALE will be provided with tours of the plantations, of which there are many including coffee and cardamom.

Visitors may also be taken on walking excursions through the wonderful lush forests or taken to see any of the tourist attractions in Coorg such as the Nagarahole National Park or Irpu Falls.


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