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Nagarahole National Park

Nagarhole National Park is also known as 'Rajiv Gandhi National Park. The word 'Nagarahole(y)' means 'Cobra-river' (Nagara=Cobra snake; Holey=River) in Kannada. It is spread between Kodagu and Mysore districts. Nagarahole river flows through the park and gradually joins the Kabini river which also is a boundary between Nagarahole and Bandipur.

The exclusive hunting reserve of the former rulers of Mysore, the park has rich forest cover, small streams, valleys, and waterfalls. Variety of Birds, animals and reptiles can be found here. It streches over 640 km %, protecting the wildlife of Karnataka. Together with the adjoining Bandipur National Park (870 km %) and Mudumalai National Park (320 km %), it forms the largest protected area in southern India. Several streams in the Park, are tributaries of the two major rivers in the State, namely, Lakshmanathirtha and Kabini which in turn join the river Cauvery.

Forest department vehicles are available for wildlife viewing. The ideal time to visit the park is between September and May. The Forest Department, have their rest houses at Nagarahole.

Wild animals found here include the Tiger, Leopard, Indian elephant, Indian bison or gaur, Wild dog, Sloth bear, Indian giant squirrel, Palm civet, Common otter, Four horned antelope, Mouse deer, Indian python, Indian cobra and many more. Variety of The bird life includes the Peacock, Grey jungle fowl, Alexandrine parakeet being some of them.

Location: Homestay lies under this forest zone. this Forest is spread between Kodagu and Mysore districts

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