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Food and Snacks Provided at Pachi Bale Homestay

People of Pachi Bale are famous for their hospitality. You can also taste typical Veg / Non-veg Coorg meals with prior arrangements with this estate owner. PACHI BALE presents some of the most mouthwatering delicacies that have been gathered over the years from Greek culture. Coorg cuisine is dominated with dishes prepared with Pork, Chicken and Mutton. Pork curry (Pandhi Curry), Chicken Curry, Rice Roti, Kadambuttu (Rice Dumplings) and Noolputtu (Rice Noodles) are some of the all time favorites. Bamboo shoot curry with rice roti or wild mushroom curry with rice roti are some of the vegetarian delicacies relished by the Kodavas. A lot of coconut, curry leaves, ginger, chilly and spices like pepper and cardamom, are used in abundance. Another Important thing is, All the foods are prepared without using Modern things Mixi, Gas Stoves, Cookers. Only natural resources and man power is used. The use of wholesome doses of spices lends flavor and taste to Coorg cuisine, setting it apart from the rest. The mouth-watering traditional Kodava cuisine is the highlight of our menu. Specific food is also served on prior request.

Non-Vegetarian Foods Provided:

  • Paput

  • Koli Curry (Chicken Curry)

  • Pandhi Curry (Pork Curry)

  • Rice Roti

  • Kadambuttu (Rice Dumplings)

  • Noolputtu (Rice Noodles)

  • Tharame Thoppu

  • Chicken Barbecue

  • Oduputtu

  • Roasted, Grilled Chicken

Vegetarian Foods Provided:

  • Ghee Rice and Chutney

  • Pallya / Curry

  • Bhujji

  • Rice and Rasam

  • Veg Pulav

  • Mixed Vegetable Koorma

  • Potato Barbecue

  • kaipuli Pajji

  • Chekke Curry

  • Kummu Curry (Mushroom) - Only on Monsoon Season

Snacks you can taste:

  • Baduva Kajjaaya

  • Chakkuli

Drink you can sip:

  • Kothri Pannu Wine - A home made wine using a special type of wild fruit collected from Coorg forests. Its a Very Tasty and Non-Alcoholic drink.


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