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Directions to Reach Pachibale Homestay

The Map and the Below Route Direction Shown Below is from T. Shettigere side. Anyhow, if you are coming from Nagarahole / Irpu Falls road, the first meeting point will be Beeruga High School Itself. Assuming that you have entered Beeruga Village through T. Shettigere.

(Read Left to Right from first column and move to next row)

After T. Shettigere, You will get Beeruga Village. At the Entrance of Beeruga Village, There is Govt. High School at the right side. Continue on this main road towards IRPU Falls. Just Continue from Govt. School on this Road till next diversion appears. (Till the First Right side deviation aheads)
This is the next 1st Junction Point after Beeruga Govt. School. Left side route Goes to IRPU Falls. Take a right turn in front of that house.

From Here, continue with this narrow Road Between Private Coffee Estates. Only One Vehicle can pass in this road.

You have to drive for about 5 Kms on this road to reach Guest House.

End of Tar Road. keep moving...
Actual Challenging Drive Starts from here. Through this road, you are entering deep into the forest. You may encounter elephants or bison crossing in this road.
Moving Deep into the forest... You have to be alert as the sudden hairpin curves appears.
After this bump, there is an immediate right turn with slope will ahead.

The Hairpin Right Curve with Dangerous Slope is ahead. Drive carefully. Especially in Rainy Seasons. Cross this slope and Take Immediate Left Turn. You will get a small water stream and your have to drive on water. (Leeches Area during Rainy Seasons)
After Water Stream, Here you can observe few houses are there.
After passing those residential area, you will get a small bridge at the left side. Just Continue on the bridge. After this Bridge, again Peak will be there.
After Crossing Peaks, you will be passing through three sharp hairpin curves.
This is Last Hairpin curve and take Left diversion at this point to get another deep slope again.
After proceeding on the left diversion, Here you will get a deviation towards right side. Take this Right Deviation and you will see a small board directing to "PACHIBALE HOME STAY".
After taking Right side diversion, You will see this water stream. In Rainy Season this stream flows wild. You must drive on this water body. (Leeches Area during Rainy Seasons). After this water stream, you will get PACHIBALE GUEST HOUSE Entrance Gate at left side.

Keep Calm, relax and live fear free life. Because This is absolutely Private area with well security assured. This is "Tress passer's prohibited" area.


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